Commercial Law

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Commerce law is the branch of law that regulates commercial activities. In commercial life, companies and individual traders often encounter many disputes while conducting their commercial activities. These problems range from simple debt lawsuits to unfair competition, from negotiable instruments law to insurance law. Traders often try to resolve these disputes themselves (with the help of financial advisors, etc.) first, and only seek help from a lawyer as a last resort when they fail. However, in this case, legal deadlines are often missed or essential tasks that need to be completed quickly cannot be done, leading traders to suffer losses. Therefore, it is important for individuals and companies engaged in intensive commercial activities to seek help from an expert lawyer as a preventive measure before problems arise, for their commercial future.

Our law firm provides professional support to its clients in the following areas:


  • Establishment of national or foreign companies,
  • Establishment of liaison offices for foreign companies,
  • Company mergers and acquisitions,
  • Conducting general assembly meetings and participation,
  • Company dissolution,
  • Financial leasing,


Our law firm provides services for conducting pre-contract negotiations and preparing contract texts for all types of contracts. In particular, we provide professional support to our clients in the following types of contracts:

  • Real estate purchase and sale contracts,
  • Mortgage and pledge contracts,
  • Lease agreements,
  • Company merger and acquisition contracts,
  • Financial leasing contracts,
  • Copyright, license, franchise agreements,
  • Distribution agreements,
  • Articles of association for company establishment,
  • Analysis of company risks.
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