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Criminal law is a branch of law that consists of rules regarding the legal requirements, consequences, and trial procedures of actions and behaviors containing a criminal warning. One of the fundamental principles of criminal law is the necessity for crimes and punishments to be consistent with individual and societal justice. The punishment of individuals who commit crimes to prevent them from harming other members of society is a reflection of this principle. However, the aim of criminal law is not only punishment but also the rehabilitation of offenders and their reintegration into society.

Another important purpose of criminal law is the prevention of crime. In this regard, criminal law plays a deterrent role in deterring crime. The clarity and transparency of laws are effective factors in deterring individuals considering committing crimes. Additionally, apprehending offenders through criminal law and ensuring justice are also contributing factors to increasing societal trust and preventing crime.

Another significant aspect of criminal law is the administration of justice. It is essential for everyone to be judged according to the law and for justice to be served impartially for the peace and security of society. Therefore, ensuring justice and equal treatment for everyone is of great importance in criminal law.

In Turkey, criminal law is shaped in accordance with the principles established by the Constitution and other laws. Criminal law is continuously updated and developed in line with purposes such as ensuring justice, preventing crime, and maintaining social order. The legal basis of criminal law, including definitions of crimes, trial procedures, and prescribed penalties, is regulated within various laws, primarily the Turkish Penal Code numbered 5237, along with other legislations such as:

  • Code of Criminal Procedure numbered 5271
  • Law on the Execution of Penalties and Security Measures numbered 5275
  • Criminal Records Law numbered 5352
  • Child Protection Law numbered 5395
  • Misdemeanor Law numbered 5326
  • Probation and Assistance Centers Law numbered 5402
  • Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works numbered 5846
  • Forest Law numbered 6831
  • Tax Procedure Law numbered 213
  • Anti-Terror Law numbered 3713
  • Press Law numbered 5187
  • Banking Law numbered 5411
  • Smuggling Law numbered 5607
  • Military Penal Code numbered 1632

Individuals who commit actions defined as crimes or attempt to do so, as described in the laws forming the normative basis of criminal law, are subject to sanctions defined within the legal texts, meaning they are punished.

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