Intellectual Property

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Intellectual and Industrial Property; It is an overarching concept that includes copyrights, patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, geographical indications, new plant varieties, integrated circuit topographies, biotechnology, gene technology, computer programs, databases, trade names and business names, domain names, know-how, and trade secrets. Intellectual Property Law is a legal field that evolves day by day with the advancement of communication technology and globalization of trade, and it is one of the areas that require expertise in resolving disputes.

In this context, our law firm provides professional services in:

  • Trademark Registration/Renewal/Cancellation Applications,
  • Patent Registration/Renewal/Cancellation Applications,
  • Utility Model Registration/Renewal/Cancellation Applications,
  • Geographical Indication Registration/Renewal/Cancellation Applications,
  • Preparation of assignments and license agreements for Trademarks, Patents, and Utility Models,
  • All legal and criminal disputes and administrative applications to be heard in Intellectual Property
  • Courts and Intellectual Property Criminal Courts,

With expert attorneys and trademark/patent attorneys, our law firm provides professional services to its clients.

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